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Club Activities

Eco Club Activities at Broadvision World School

At Broadvision World School, our Eco Club engages students in a wide range of activities designed to foster environmental  awareness and  responsibility. From hands-on projects like tree planting and waste management to educational workshops on sustainability and biodiversity, our Eco Club empowers students to make a positive impact on the planet. 

Language Club

Broadvision World School’s Language Club is your gateway to a world of linguistic diversity and cultural enrichment. Join us as we delve into languages from around the globe through interactive sessions, language exchanges, and cultural celebrations. Whether you’re passionate about mastering a new language or discovering different cultures, our Language Club offers a vibrant platform for exploration and learning. Embrace the power of language with Broadvision World School and broaden your horizons today.

Science Club

Discover the wonders of science at Broadvision World School’s Science Club, where curiosity meets innovation. Our club offers hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and insightful discussions that spark interest and deepen understanding in various scientific disciplines. From exploring cutting-edge technologies to investigating environmental sustainability, our Science Club fosters a passion for discovery and problem-solving among students.

Mathematics Club

Broadvision World School’s Mathematics Club is a haven for aspiring mathematicians and problem-solvers alike. Through engaging activities, challenging puzzles, and collaborative projects, our club cultivates a love for mathematics and sharpens analytical skills. Whether unraveling complex equations, exploring mathematical principles, or participating in competitions, students at our Mathematics Club thrive in an environment that fosters critical thinking and mathematical excellence.