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A Self-Defence Skill Everyone Should Know!

Looking for an activity that builds strength, flexibility, and coordination while teaching valuable life-saving skills?

The Karate program at BVWschool empowers students with self-defense, discipline, and confidence. Our certified instructors provide a safe and supportive environment where students learn at their own pace.

Why Choose Karate?

Self-Discipline and Confidence: Karate teaches self-discipline and boosts confidence, positively impacting all areas of life.

Physical Fitness: Karate improves strength, flexibility, and coordination, helping prevent common injuries.

Self-Defence: Learn practical techniques to avoid or escape dangerous situations.

Goal Achievement: Karate encourages perseverance, focus, and determination, helping students set and achieve goals.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

At BVWschool, we prioritize sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum helps students build strength, speed, endurance, agility, and more. We encourage all students to join at least one school sports team and participate in inter-school, state, national, and international events. Our energetic P.E. Teachers provide expert coaching in various sports, including basketball.

Basketball at BVWschool

Our basketball program sets weekly goals to develop essential skills. We conduct matches every four months to promote teamwork and competition. Students learn about the physical benefits of basketball and game strategies.

Star Innovators Program ( Bringing STEM To Every School)

Practical Science

Based on fundamental science projects are designed for a better understanding of their subjects. 

  • Hands on learning 
  • Science made fun 
  • Relate syllabus to outside world 
  • Score better marks 


This segment introduces students to basic electronic components and its applications and soldering of PCB 

  • Basic concepts such as electricity , circuits and components
  • Soldering basics / practice 
  • Safety first 
  • PCB Circuit projects   


Robotics is an effective way to introduce kids to science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics ( STEM) concepts . It provides a hands -on , practical approach

  • Problem -solving skills 
  • Programming Proficiency 
  • Creativity and Innovations 
  • Global Competitiveness   



The art and science of designing and building model aircraft . 

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Motor Skills and Dexterity 
  • Introduction to Aviation 
  • Patience and perseverance


3D Printing

3D designing and 3D printing of models using advanced 3D printers . 

  • School Projects 
  • Robotics and DIY Projects 
  • Introduction to CAD software 
  • Spatial Awareness


Star Innovators Program

Holistic Result

Result Driven

Age Appropriate

Curiculum Ready

Communication Lab

Enhancing Communication Skills

At BVWschool, we understand the importance of effective communication. Our Communication Lab is designed to help students develop and refine their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Features of the Communication Lab

  • Interactive Sessions: Engaging activities and role-playing to enhance speaking and listening abilities.
  • Reading Programs: A wide range of materials to improve comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Writing Workshops: Exercises and assignments to develop strong writing skills.

Technology Integration: Use of modern tools and software to aid in language learning and communication practice.


Newspaper in Education (NIE) at Broadvision World School

Stay Informed, Think Critically

At Broadvision World School, our Newspaper in Education (NIE) program connects students with current events and fosters critical thinking skills. Through engaging with newspapers, students enhance their understanding of global issues, improve language skills, and explore diverse perspectives. Join us as we empower students to stay informed and develop into informed global citizens through the NIE program.


Discover Excellence with SOF Program!

Ignite Curiosity, Inspire Achievement

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Program at BVWschool is your passport to a world of discovery and excellence! Designed to challenge and inspire young minds, SOF Olympiads in Science, Mathematics, English, and more, empower students to showcase their knowledge and problem-solving skills on national and international stages. Join us in nurturing curiosity, fostering academic brilliance, and shaping future leaders through the SOF Program at BVWschool.

General Knowledge

Explore, Learn, Excel: General Knowledge at BVWschool

Broaden Your Horizons, Sharpen Your Mind

At BVWschool, we believe in cultivating well-rounded individuals. Our General Knowledge activities are designed to spark curiosity, enhance critical thinking, and expand awareness of the world. Join us to explore diverse topics, engage in stimulating discussions, and develop a keen understanding of global issues. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and knowledge at BVWschool!

Spell Bee

Spell Bee Competition at BVWschool

Inspiring Language Excellence

At BVWschool, our Spell Bee competition is a vibrant showcase of language skills. Students from all grades participate enthusiastically, honing their spelling abilities and expanding their vocabulary. Many achieve notable success regionally and nationally, reflecting their dedication and linguistic prowess. Beyond spelling, the competition fosters confidence, teamwork, and a love for learning, preparing students for academic and personal growth. Join us and witness how Broadvision world school cultivates excellence in language through the Spell Bee competition!

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