Life At BVWS

Our educational practice is not limited to textbook learning alone – instead our experiential curriculum provides hands-on learning, teaches macro concepts, encourages free expression and develops creative and critical thinking.

We believe that learning evolves through a two-way interaction between facilitators and students. Hence, our classroom sessions focus on collaborative learning, rather than a one-sided approach.

Our teaching methodology is activity and project based. Our integrated curriculum is to have attitude and values along with scholastic and co-scholastic aptitudes.

Kindergarten Section

The teaching methodology is the play way, predominantly emphasizing on hands-on activity, through song, storytelling and puppetry. Children use the sand pit and the children’s play area. Dance, music, field trips, storytelling and art classes are a part of their regular time table.

Primary School ( Grade I – V )

The curriculum at Primary school is not just textbook and knowledge but is holistic learning which focuses on value system to sensitise young minds to the environment around them.. The key areas that the primary school curriculum addresses are

  • Honing of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, (English, Hindi and Kannada ), Compulsory Library sessions, Spelling and handwriting classes.
  • Building a strong foundation in Mathematics (Mental Math)
  • An introduction to the subjects of Science and Social Studies (EVS) inquiry sessions, story sessions
  • Nurturing an interest in General Knowledge
  • Art & Craft, Music and Dance
  • An emphasis on Physical Education and Sports.
  • Basic of Computer Technology
  • Field trips and Nature walks add to experiential education.
  • Middle School ( Grade VI – VIII )

    Our curriculum, during these crucial years in a child’s life, is geared towards facilitating a meaningful and happy transition into adolescence. Beyond lesson and tests, the syllabus also focuses on empowering students with knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence.
    The Curriculum for Middle school includes:-

  • Honing of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English & 2nd language (Hindi/Kannada)
  • Basic conversational skills and simple reading in 3rd language ( Kannada/Hindi)
  • Building a strong foundation in Mathematics, ( Mental Math)
  • Social Studies ( History,Civics and Geography)
  • Science(Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • Nurturing an interest in General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Music and Dance
  • Club Activities.
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