Our Learning Philosophy

EXPLORE - Students carry out hands-on investigations in which they can explore the concept or skill. This phase allows students to acquire a shared set of experiences that they can refer to help each other make sense of the new concept or skill. The Explore phase is characterized by multiple opportunities for students to experience hands-on learning and represent their thinking.

ENGAGE - The purpose of the Engage phase is to elicit students’ prior knowledge, stimulate interest and gather diagnostic data to inform teaching and learning. It captures student interest, provides an opportunity for them to express what they know about the concept or skill being developed, and helps them to begin to make connections between what they know and new ideas.The teaching method of instructing is nurturing and supportive rather than competitive. Kids learn through engaging and fun activities like music and art, transforming playtime to instill significant cognitive abilities, motor abilities, and skills.

LEARN- This phase provides opportunities for students to apply what they have learned to new situations and so develop a deeper understanding of the concept or greater use of the skill. .Children learn best] through play because it allows them to apply everything they know and encourages them to ask questions and seek out new information and discovery.