Broadvision World School ethos genisis is about real life experiences of an individual whom I know very closely and others like him who would have also undergone similar life changing experiences whom I don’t know personally.

This real- life character had several family businesses which in today’s day and age is difficult to comprehend and understand. The Family had Flour mills/Rice mills business, Fire wood depot, large provisional stores in central Bangalore, Animal husbandry. He successfully developed and managed the family Agricultural lands, literally becoming a farmer ploughing the fields and successfully harvesting high yielding crops, followed suit with a confectionary manufacturing business, baking different types of biscuits. He then successfully transitioned to Electronic hardware business, manufacturing and supplying to the Defence Establishments and large corporate houses.

Dr.Andaleeb Tuba

He scaled an IT ERP /CRM training and consulting business with more than 20 branches in the whole country and overseas, such eventful and varied has been his entrepreneurial journey.He is now a very successful builder who constructs multiple residential complexes. He stayed the course with all his share of success and failures, since he has the innate ability to widen his gaze, a “Broadvision”, his willingness to acquire and attain multi-dimensional skillsets to be successful in his various entrepreneurial ventures. He owes his success to the opportunities he seized in all his business ventures. This person is none othe r but my Father. I have grown with his experiences and also sometimes being part of them.

Broadvision World School draws its ethos from his real life experiences
– Wider gaze (Broad Vision)
– Multidimensional Skillsets
– Ample opportunities
Students at “Broadvision World School” would be provided with plethora of opportunities in most spheres (wider gaze) of their learning journey be it Academics, Sports, Fine Arts,Communication, Co-Scholastic activities. They would be encouraged to acquire multidimensional Skillsets through the learning tenets of Explore, Engage, Learn (Experiential).
To achieve the above stated objectives The School has put up the requisite infrastructure, almost in a about 2acre campus in the heart of Hennur township with D-Mart as landmark reference. It has easy access to Parents/Students in the neighborhood, who wish to walk or others who wish to avail the drop services on vehicles two / four wheelers. The School building comprises Administrative & Learning spaces with ample area dedicated to Co-Scholastic activities.

Learning Spaces:
– Well ventilated Classrooms, with access to natural light and equipped with requisite technology intervention and cheerfully decorated classrooms for Pre-Schoolers.
– Well Equipped Library & Computer Lab
– Big & Wide Playfield
– Separate play area for Pre-Primary Schoolers with requisite play equipment.
Well trained and experienced teachers help/support students in all their learning spheres. Security both Emotional and Physical of all our Students and Staff is paramount to us. Student Counselor services would be avail and the school is under the CCTV coverage with round the clock Security for the entire Campus. I Welcome Parents to come join us in our journey for creating long life learners and good human beings.